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Oxford South African Secondary School Dictionary HB

Oxford South African Secondary School Dictionary HB

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Meeting every learners needs and all the curriculum requirements, this superb user-friendly dictionary was specially developed for South African learners in Grades 8 to 12. Packed with valuable information and on-the-spot guidance. Finally, an indispensable reference section provides: information on irregular verbs; spelling rules; the history of English; a range of useful diagrams, illustrations and charts and more.


  • 45 000 words and phrases, including superb coverage of key concepts from the curriculum, such as assessment standard, biome, orthophotograph, Randlord, xerophyte
  • an exceptionally clear layout, meaning learners will find what they are looking for quickly!
  • accurate, up-to-date and relevant definitions that promote speaking, reading and writing skills, leading to exam success
  • simple pronunciation guides for difficult or unusual words, e.g. calyx /kay-liks/
  • word origins for thousands of words, from languages as diverse as Latin, Khoikhoi, and Ronga
  • new words and meanings from South African English and beyond: biodiversity, browser, genetically modified, Internet, khalifa, nucleosynthesis, tik, vuvuzela
  • guidance on writing better exams, essays, and study notes
  • word-building using prefixes and suffixes
  • tips on understanding and interpreting line and bar graphs
  • a quiz including a range of activities and answers.