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Oxford South African School Dictionary 3rd Edition (Paperback) - Elex Academic Bookstore

Oxford South African School Dictionary 3rd Edition (Paperback)

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A new edition of South Africa's best-selling school dictionary based on fresh research now even more helpful and easier to use!


  • Double the number of example sentences = more support for learners.
  • Synonyms and opposites help learners expand their vocabulary.
  • Illustrations boost learners understanding instantly, e.g. cross section, graph, prism.
  • More usage notes help learners avoid common mistakes, e.g. thinking a desert is a pudding.
  • More word histories covering a range of source languages as required by the curriculum.
  • Pronunciation guidance for every headword, in an easy-to-understand respelling format.
  • Classroom-ready study pages great as the basis for lessons.
  • More words from the South African curriculum not slang, but ammeter, ARV, biomass.
  • Completely up-to-date design, find what you're looking for quickly!