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Nursing sociology 5/e

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Sociology will always remain a dynamic and living science due to its roots in the study of human action and interaction. Sociology within the nursing practice therefore aims to understanding society and its impact on individuals in order to give total patient care. In this, the 5th edition of Nursing sociology, substantial attention has been given to aspects of socialisation, social interaction, structure and relationships, social stratification, group dynamics, institutions, organisations and social problems encountered within the nursing practice. Pertinent examples of the manifestation of sociology in the nursing profession as currently experienced in South Africa are also included. Written from a multicultural perspective, it reflects on South Africa's diversity where complex sociological ideas are explained in such a way that is easy to follow. Contents include the following:

  • Transcultural nursing
  • The self and socialisation
  • Social interaction, structure and relationships
  • Social stratification and mobility
  • Social groups and group dynamics
  • The family as cornerstone of society
  • Institutions and organisations
  • Social change and social movements
  • Social problems and deviant behaviour

Nursing sociology provides nursing students with a clear, easy-to-understand sociological text specifically orientated towards nursing that emphasises specific aspects and creativity within the nursing environment.

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