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Northern Sotho for First-years

Northern Sotho for First-years

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Northern Sotho for first-year students

Introduction: The pronunciation of Northern Sotho

Lesson 1: Nouns in Northern Sotho

Lesson 2: Verbs: subject concords

Lesson 3: The imperfect tense of the indicative mood

Lesson 4: The negative of the imperfect tense of the indicative mood

Lesson 5: Verbs: object concords

Lesson 6: Object concords (continued)

Lesson 7: Copulative constructions

Lesson 8: Demonstrative pronouns

Lesson 9: Locality (locatives)

Lesson 10: Interrogative sentences

Lesson 11: The perfect tense of the indicative mood

Lesson 12: The negative of the perfect tense of the indicative mood

Lesson 13: The potential, future and persistive deficient auxiliary verb forms

Lesson 14: Emphatic pronouns

Lesson 15: The possessive construction

Lesson 16: Deverbative formation

Lesson 17: Adjectival constructions

Lesson 18: Constructions with relative nouns and radical pronouns

Lesson 19: The situative mood

Lesson 20: The relative mood

Lesson 21: The passive and reciprocal verbal extensions

Lesson 22: The applied and causative verbal extensions

Lesson 23: Infinitives (class 15 & the infinitive mood)

Lesson 24: The imperative mood

Lesson 25: The subjunctive mood

Lesson 26: The consecutive mood

Lesson 27: Auxiliary verbs

Lesson 28: The reflexive morpheme

Lesson 29: The past continuous tense (-b?)

Lesson 30: Review of adverbs, particles, conjunctions, quantitative pronouns, ideophones and diminutives

Lesson 31: Synopsis: verbal forms (moods)