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Merck Manual Medical Info P/b

Merck Manual Medical Info P/b

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This completely revised and updated Home Edition is chock full of current, accurate, and clearly organized medical information, including symptoms, diagnoses and treatment options. Features information on generic drugs, AIDS, pediatric care, and much more.

For the past twenty years the publishers of THE MERCK MANUAL, one of the most widely used sources of medical information in the world, realised that more and more copies of the guide were being purchased by people who were not healthcare professionals, despite the fact that it had never been advertised and was not written for public use. Recognising the public's increasing need for access to the same medical information doctors have, Merck responded with the HOME EDITION. This contained virtually all the information in the physician's version, but in easy-to-understand, everyday language, with a reader-friendly format. Since its publication three years ago the HOME EDITION has gone on to sell more than 2 million copies worldwide. Now Merck have updated the edition to cater for the changing medical environment. The new edition contains 35 new chapters on subjects ranging from Gene Therapy and the warning signs of cancer to biological warfare and terrorism and with 64 new illustrations and colour plates along with new tables on emerging drugs, THE MERCK MANUAL is the only home reference guide all health conscious readers will need.


Sherwin Noland, M.D. Clinical Professor of Surgery, Yale School of Medicine; author of How We Die, Doctors, and The Wisdom of the Body Merck has accomplished what I had thought was impossible -- to produce a clear, readable explanation of the normal and diseased functions of the human body....This is a remarkable contribution....Doctors should encourage their patients to own it.

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