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Man of Principle, A / Man van Beginsel, 'n,1st Edition

Man of Principle, A / Man van Beginsel, 'n,1st Edition

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Author(s): Du Plessis, J,Lubbe, G
Page count: 478
ISBN: 9781485100751
Languages(s): Afrikaans, English,
Year Published: 2013
Categories: Collected Essays, Contract, Law of, Criminal
Type: Print

About this publication

JC de Wet enjoys the reputation of being one of the greatest South African jurists. On the occasion of the centenary of his birth, this collection of essays by prominent members of the judiciary and leading local and international scholars aims to provide new perspectives on De Wet’s life and legacy. These essays address issues that are of fundamental importance in theory and practice, most notably how the contours of key aspects of the modern South African law of contract, criminal law and the law of prescription have been shaped, and especially what role De Wet has played in these developments.

The contributors to essays on JC de Wet’s life are Laurie Ackermann, Andreas van Wyk, Peet Nienaber, Hugh Corder, Reinhard Zimmermann and Charl Hugo. De Wet’s impact on the law of contract is evaluated by Gerhard Lubbe, Jacques du Plessis, Dale Hutchison, Philip Sutherland, Tjakie Naude, Reinhard Zimmermann, Franziska Myburgh and Hennie Erasmus, while Callie Snyman and Gerhard Kemp focus on criminal law, and Max Loubser deals with the law of prescription. The essays are in English and Afrikaans.


Lys van Bydraers/List of Contributors
Inleiding/Introduction - Jeremy Gauntlett
Biografiese Essays/Biographical Essays

  • South African Legal Scholarship in the 20th century: The Contribution of JC de Wet (1912–1990) - Reinhard Zimmermann and Charl Hugo
  • JC de Wet: A Personal Vie - Hugh Corder
  • JC de Wet as Universiteitsman en Stellenbosse Burger - Andreas van Wyk
  • JC de Wet: Genius Loci, Magister, Mentor and Friend—A Personal Reflection - Laurie Ackermann
  • Die Regsprofessor in Ander Gewaad - Peet Nienaber

Kontraktereg/Law of Contract

  • Die Laaste Pandektis?—JC de Wet in Metodologiese Perspektief - Gerhard Lubbe
  • JC de Wet en die Struktuur van die Suid-Afrikaanse Kontraktereg - Jacques du Plessis
  • JC de Wet’s Contribution to the Development of the Law of Mistake in Contract - Dale Hutchison
  • The History of Contracts in Favour of Third Parties: An Analysis of the Contribution of JC de Wet - Philip Sutherland
  • The Typology of Breach of Contract: JC de Wet’s Contribution in Comparative Perspective - Tjakie Naudé
  • JC de Wet and the Conventional Penalties Act 15 of 1962 - Franziska Myburgh and Reinhard Zimmermann
  • Die Koopkontrak en Aediliese Aksies - Hennie Erasmus

Strafreg/Criminal Law

  • JC de Wet se Bydrae tot die Suid-Afrikaanse Strafreg - Callie Snyman
  • Nullum crimen sine lege: ‘Hoe Staan dit nou in ons Reg?’ - Gerhard Kemp


  • JC de Wet and the Theory of Extinctive Prescription - Max Loubser

Bibliografie van JC de Wet se Werke/Bibliography of JC de Wet’s Works

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