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Macbeth: Shakespeare for Southern Africa (CAPS Approved) - Elex Academic Bookstore

Macbeth: Shakespeare for Southern Africa (CAPS Approved)

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Macbeth is a brave battle hero and loyal servant to King Duncan until he meets three witches on his return from battle, who predict that he will be king. His driving ambition fanned into flame by his power-hungry wife cause him to betray his friends and his king. He kills King Duncan in order to become king himself and then loses all sense of moral justice as he defends his ill-gotten throne. Lady Macbeth goes mad with guilt and Macbeth sees his life unravel through bad choices and the witches' deceit. Eventually Macbeth dies in battle, and peace and order are restored to Scotland when Malcolm becomes the rightful king.



  • Includes margin annotations with explanations of Shakespearian language in clear, accessible English
  • Provides an introduction to the play, coupled with clear plot summaries and excellent notes on the characters
  • Exam-style contextual and essay questions with answers prepare learners thoroughly for exams
  • Includes insights into Shakespeare's life and key literary features of a Shakespearean tragedy

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