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"Nhlanhla?" he thought. "Lucky?" His own name seemed to taunt him. A person was supposed to grow up into his birth name and bring good things to his family. What a laugh! He was nothing but a loser. It is 1995, and schools in Durban that previously accepted only white children have recently opened their doors to all races. Lucky, who lives in the township, has the opportunity to attend Brookhaven High. But there seem to be so many obstacles standing in his way: he doubts whether he is clever enough, his father is angry and doesn't want him to go, and there is factional violence where he lives. How can Lucky start to believe in himself and take a bold step into his future? This dramatic new novel, from the award-winning writer, Jenny Seed, charts the heart-warming story of a brave teenager, growing up in the exciting, changing times of the new, democratic South Africa.

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