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Legal Drafting - Civil Proceeding 2E

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Author(s): Van Blerk, Peter
Page count: 180
ISBN: 9781485106128
Languages(s): English,
Year Published: 2015
Categories: Civil Procedure, Law, Law, Law,
Type: Print

About this publication

Legal Drafting: Civil Proceedings has been written to bridge the gap between the academic study of law and its practical application in so far as the preparation of court documents is concerned. Drawing on his experience in coaching pupils at the Bar, the author explains elementary matters and poses useful reminders to more experienced practitioners.

The second edition of Legal Drafting: Civil Proceedings has been updated to address changes in the law. It now includes a section on the preparation of documents for arbitrations as well as an extended chapter on the all-important task of preparing heads of argument.


  • General approach to drafting
  • Pleadings generally
  • Parties
  • Particulars of claim and declaration
  • Plea
  • Replication
  • Claims in reconvention
  • Exception and notice to strike out
  • Annexure to third party notices
  • Amendment to pleadings
  • Further particulars
  • Application proceedings
  • Provisional sentence
  • Notices of application for leave to appeal and notices of appeal
  • Heads of argument
  • Miscellaneous notices and court documents
  • Pleadings in the magistrates’ courts
  • Applications in the magistrates’ courts
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Miscellaneous practical matters
  • Extensive table of cases
  • Table of rules of court
  • Extensive table of examples

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