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Law Clinics and the Clinical Law Movement in South Africa

Law Clinics and the Clinical Law Movement in South Africa

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Law Clinics and the Clinical Law Movement in South Africa provides guidelines to assist clinicians and universities with the development of the clinical legal education curriculum, teaching methodology and the administration of a university-based law clinic. The manual was developed from contributions taken from papers and presentations given by clinicians attending workshops of the South African University Law Clinics Association (SAULCA).

The book offers a wide range of guidance on many components of clinical legal education, including integrating clinical legal education with the requirements of higher education and the legal profession, setting goals and objectives for a clinical legal education programme, and an examination of the basic principles of teaching and learning as well as assessment.

It also focuses on the different methods of teaching and learning, such as lecturing, supervision, legal research and mediation. The teaching portfolio covers in detail many subjects, including client communications, drafting and civil trial advocacy. The manual pays attention to the day-to-day administration of a university-based law clinic with practical support on financial and office management as well as accreditation.

The unique feature of this manual is that the material covered in many sections offers practical advice and examples which will be of benefit to newly appointed law clinicians.

The manual adheres to SAULCA’s vision, mission and objectives, and in collaboration with its member university law clinics, SAULCA continues to investigate and explore new methods and processes which aim to improve clinical legal education and access to justice.

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