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Introduction to International Law (2013)

Introduction to International Law (2013)

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About this Publication:

Over the last half century, the scope of international law has expanded enormously. Sources, such as treaties and cases, have proliferated, as well as reports, commentaries, textbooks and articles. Introduction to International Law, written primarily with the South African reader in mind, is intended to provide a conceptual overview and analysis of this body of materials.

The topics addressed in this book include a history of international law, its sources, subjects and objects, the relationship between international law and municipal law, human rights, economic law, international organizations, international criminal and humanitarian law, peaceful settlement of disputes and the use of force.

Contents Include:

  • Case index
  • Journal titles: Abbreviations
  • Index of treaties
  • Sources of international law
  • Relationship between international law and municipal law
  • Sovereignty and jurisdiction
  • Subjects of international law
  • Objects of international law
  • Treaties
  • Sovereign immunity
  • Diplomatic privileges and immunity
  • Treatment of aliens
  • Rights of humans, peoples and minorities
  • Economic law
  • State succession
  • State responsibility
  • International organisations
  • Peaceful settlement of disputes
  • Use of force
  • International criminal law
  • International humanitarian law
  • Table of country information

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