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Handbook on the Law of Negotiable Instruments 3E

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Author(s): Gering, L,Tobias, D
Page count: 448
ISBN: 9780702172632
Languages(s): English,
Year Published: 2007
Categories: Corporate and Commercial Law, Law, Law, Law,
Type: Print

About this publication

This is the last work of the late Leonard Gering who for decades has been an authoritative voice on the law of negotiable instruments, a subject described as ‘notoriously difficult’, which view is echoed by the learned Chief Justice in the foreword of this book. This work, like its two predecessors, is divided into two parts. Part one sets out in a clearly understandable manner the main principles underlying the law of negotiable instruments. Part two contains the text of the Bills of Exchange Act 34 of 1964 (as amended by Act 56 of 2000) and conveniently and methodically deals consecutively with each section accompanied by a detailed commentary thereon.


  • Part one: Introductory and Preliminary Matter
    • Negotiable instruments
    • The negotiability concept
    • The Bills of Exchange Act, 1964
    • Negotiable instruments not governed by the Act
    • Wertpapier
    • Fundamental distinctions
    • Instruments 'Payable to bearer'/'payable to order?'
    • Validity and liability distinguished
    • Regularity distinguished from validity and liability
    • Signature
    • Authority
    • Value
    • The Holder
    • Defences to the holder’s claim
    • Conversion of bearer instrument into order instrument, and vice versa
    • Negotiable instruments, legal tender, and payment
    • The complex nature of a cheque
  •  Part two: Act and section-by-section commentary

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