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Grade 12 Life Sciences 3 in 1 IEB Part 1 - Elex Academic Bookstore

The Answer Series Grade 12 Life Sciences Part 1 3IN1 Ieb Study Guide

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Liesl Sterrenberg, Helena Fouché & Grace Elliott


This book is PART 1 of a SET of 2 IEB Grade 12 Life Sciences books that are SAGS 2015 compliant and together effectively cover all Strands of the IEB Grade 12 curriculum.

This PART 1 study guide contains the following 2 Knowledge Strands:

  • Life at the Molecular, Cellular and Tissue level
  • Diversity, Change and Continuity

PART 1 is supplemented by PART 2 which contains the remaining 2 Strands:

  • Environmental Studies
  • Life Processes in Plants and Animals

In 2016 the Strand selected for assessment in PAPER II is ‘Environmental Studies’. The other 3 Strands will be assessed in PAPER I. (The selection is not the same each year. IEB candidates need to be sure that they are duly informed in this regard.)

Both PART 1 and PART 2 Grade 12 study guides offer:

  • Comprehensive NOTES per module
  • Questions, ‘Rapid fires’ per module
  • Detailed memos

These 3 in 1 study guides offer thoroughly researched, NEW material which is relevant, accessible and enjoyable. The subject material is logically organised and offers simple outlines, comprehensive summaries and clear diagrams which enhance the overall impact of the books.

The wide range of graded questions and answers, and ‘rapid fires’, enable learners to master the subject and to excel in their final examinations.

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