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This CAPS study guide highlights how political and economic forces have influenced the course of history. It uses the Cold War and its aftermath as the thread that links up all six of the matric topics. Nevertheless, it is careful to show a range of perspectives, and to show how the same events can be seen through different lenses.

For each of the six topics, this study guide offers:

  • useful definitions
  • comprehensive notes with revealing quotations
  • illustrations of people, places and events
  • diagrams, tables and maps that make relationships and comparisons explicit
  • visual summaries for the easy recall of key points
  • source-based questions and answers, and
  • essay questions, with notes on how to respond, as well as example essays.

The book also includes useful exam guidance and a practice exam, with answers and example essays. However, it is important to note that the essays in this book are not ‘model essays’ to be learnt. They are included to demystify what is required to achieve a high mark. We hope that after reading them learners will understand the requirements of the essay genre, and be better equipped to express their own opinions within an essay format.

All the pictures in the book are available as part of our PowerPoint presentations, which can be downloaded for free from our website ( Teachers who order books for their class can also request these PowerPoint presentations to be sent to them on a CD.

Note to IEB learners: While all the practice questions in this book come from DBE (National) exams, the comprehensive notes will still benefit learners who are preparing for the IEB exam.

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