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Golden Kris, The (Young Africa Series)

Golden Kris, The (Young Africa Series)

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This is the saga of Dain, from the spice islands of Indonesia. It tells of his fight against the Dutch East India company, and his subsequent capture, enslavement and turbulent journey to the Cape. It sketches the life of a slave during the times of Simon van der Stel. The Golden Kris of legend - the holy sword with its sinewy, curved blade inlaid with gold and the evil Doekoen, the medicine man - weave their way through the saga. It is a story from a forgotten past. The author has written a rollicking adventure story full of movement and suspense, with an Arabian nights flavour. A fascinating period of South African history is viewed through the eyes of a slave - but this is not a grim story as many slave narratives are. This is an epic tale by a writer who has the skill and enthusiasm to hold the reader gasping to the end.

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