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Entrepreneurship and How To Establish Your Own Business

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Entrepreneurship and how to establish your own business (5th edition) is a foundational book covering the key areas of entrepreneurship and small business development. This revised edition explains important business concepts in layperson's terms and uses updated examples to focus on:


- the entrepreneur's personal skills set

- role models in the field of successful entrepreneurship

- thinking 'out of the box' to find opportunities in the market

- evaluating business ideas

- drawing up a business plan

- setting up a business

- legal and other business requirements that apply to new businesses.


The book is ideal for undergraduate students in the field of business management and entrepreneurship to provide guidance on the intricacies of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Owners of small businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs and any person with an interest in understanding how a business is successfully established and run will also find it invaluable.

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