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Eight large biomes: Teacher's guide

Eight large biomes: Teacher's guide

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Facto hears how the thousands of plant and animal species are spread across the different regions of South Africa. They’re almost like giant gardens with different species that have adapted to their conditions. The Flixies are excited about the amazing biodiversity in South Africa and they think that it’s a world record for a small country!


The Teacher’s Guide includes:

  • An explanation of the teaching strategy used
  • An explanation of which comprehension strategy is used and which step of the teaching strategy should be applied in that specific book.
  • Highlights in the text, with a side-panel modelling the teaching strategy and highlighting key points in the text for application.
  • Key words are provided to display and use in the introductory discussion.
  • Worksheets with comprehension activities based on the story are added to the end of the guide

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