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Education studies for initial teacher development 1e

Education studies for initial teacher development 1e

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Author(s): Ramrathan, L,le Grange, L,Higgs, P
Page count: 528
ISBN: 9781485102663
Languages(s): English,
Year Published: 2016
Categories: Education, Academic, Academic, Academic,
Type: Print

About this publication

The book includes the traditional foci of philosophy, sociology, psychology, and teaching and learning, and emphasises how these foci influence the practice of teaching.  Classic theories, that informed and continue to inform teacher education, have dominated the engagement within education but this book shifts focus to current research and innovative theories that have evolved to promote teaching and learning in a challenging and complex educational context.  Hence, this book makes a deliberate attempt to map out influential classical theories that have informed the study of Education as a backdrop to explore how contemporary theories are currently influencing teaching and learning. 


Section A:  Teaching and learning:

Chapter 1: Understanding policy analysis: South African policies shaping teachers as professionals Chapter 2: The challenge of a critical history of education for South Africa ● Chapter 3: The  teacher as a learner: becoming a strategic weaver of self-directed professional learning ● Chapter 4: Exploring teaching methods for diverse educational milieux ● Chapter 5: Technology in education for teachers ● Chapter 6: Becoming and being a teacher leader in schools

Section B: Curriculum:

Chapter 7: Classical theories and theorists of curriculum studies ● Chapter 8: Contemporary curriculum theories and their influence on teaching and learning ● Chapter 9: Curriculum development and design ● Chapter 10: Outcomes-based education: reviewing a system for education ● Chapter 11: Assessment and curriculum

Section C: Philosophy in Education:

Chapter 12: Why is philosophy important (for education)? ● Chapter 13: A post modern approach to philosophy of education ● Chapter 14: The crisis in education: questioning relations in education ● Chapter 15: Introducing philosophy for children in the school curriculum ● Chapter 16: Can we speak of an African philosophy of education? ● Chapter 19: Bourdieu and his key constructs

Section D: Sociology of Education:  

Chapter 17: The relevance of sociology for education ● Chapter 18: Critical thinking and critical pedagogy in education ● Chapter 19: Bourdieu and his key concepts relevant to education ● Chapter 20: Exclusion, violence and education ● Chapter 21: Making sense of sociology in schooling today

Section E: Psychology in Education:

Chapter 22: Educational psychology for teachers: From philosophical-humanistic analysis to scientific research methods ● Chapter 23: From the cognitive revolution to constructivism ● Chapter 24: Working memory in the classroom ● Chapter 25: Learning difficulties ● Chapter 26: Inclusive education

Section F: Research in Education:

Chapter 27: Educational research: key concepts ● Chapter 28: Key concepts and processes in developing a research proposal ● Chapter 29: Emancipatory action research ● Chapter 30: Ethics in education research ● Chapter 31: Decolonising or Indigenous methodologies

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