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Edinburgh Reading Test Interactive (ERTi) 4 Single-User CD-ROM

Edinburgh Reading Test Interactive (ERTi) 4 Single-User CD-ROM

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Edinburgh Reading Test 4-interactive (ERT4-i) automates and streamlines the whole process of assessing and diagnosing the needs of students and adults with reading difficulties. It frees you to get on with other tasks while the student is taking the test.

ERT4-i provides instant scoring and diagnostic feedback, plus an unobtrusive (optional) 'extra time' assessment. The clear on-screen presentation, coupled with intuitive and seamless navigation through the test, engages the student and makes the test accessible for slower readers.

Like the pencil-and-paper test, ERT4-i profiles five different aspects of a student's literacy - skimming, vocabulary, reading for facts, points of view and comprehension - as well as giving a reliable overall standardised score and reading age, plus a student report. Additionally, it compares the student's performance over both the standard 45-minute test time and an extended 25% extra time where applicable, yielding evidence which might justify extra time in national examinations or a need for the support of a reader.

This is a stand-alone, single-user program, and comes with a two-year licence. It is not designed to run over a network (a network version is available separately). Installation instructions are given on the inside liner. A comprehensive User's Manual (supplied as a pdf file on the CD-ROM) gives full information on how to use and get the most out of the system.

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