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Edexcel Chemistry for AS

Edexcel Chemistry for AS

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The Edexcel Chemistry for AS Book and Student's website have been developed by two highly experienced chemistry authors to support the revised Edexcel specifications. The website (powered by Dynamic Learning), provides students with interactive pages enhanced with additional resources. Tailored precisely to the revised Edexcel specification, The Student's Book includes both quick 'Test yourself' questions throughout each of the 19 topics and end of topic Review questions. Activities involving data analysis and contemporary contexts are aslo included throughout the book to help teachers and students address the new How Science Works components. The website has a full copy of the book with icons linking it to: - Learning outcomes showing a complete list of the requirements in the specification to help students see where learning objectives and skills are covered in the book.
- Data tables - Practical guidance on, for example, risk assessments, errors and uncertainty, titrations and the preparation of organic compounds - Tutorials that work through selected problems and explain the more difficult concepts using a voiceover and animated diagrams, graphs and worked calculations - Extension questions to stretch the more able, covering some ideas in greater depth - Answers to all Test yourself questions and questions in the activities in the Student's Book

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