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Dugard's International Law: A South African Perspective 5th edition (Print)

Dugard's International Law: A South African Perspective 5th edition (Print)

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Author(s): Tladi, D,Dugard, J,Du Plessis, M,Maluwa, T
Page count: 938
ISBN: 9781485128281
Languages(s): English,
Year Published: 2019
Categories: International Law, Law, Law, Law,
Type: Print

About this publication

This fifth edition of International Law: A South African Perspective is now titled Dugard’s International Law: A South African Perspective, in recognition of the fact that this work is a continuation of the earlier editions written by John Dugard.

The substance of the work has undergone major changes to take account of new developments both on the international legal scene and in South Africa. Dugard’s International Law: A South African Perspective presents a South African perspective of international law. The basic principles of international law are described and examined with reference to the principal sources of international law. This examination, however, takes place within the context of South African law. South African state practice, judicial decisions and legislation on international law receive equal treatment with international law as it is practised and taught abroad.


  • The Nature and History of International Law—John Dugard
  • South Africa and International Law: A Historical Introduction— John Dugard
  • Sources of International Law—John Dugard and Dire Tladi 
  • The Place of International Law in South African Municipal Law—John Dugard and Andreas Coutsoudis 
  • States (Including Recognition and Non-recognition)—John Dugard
  • Recognition of Governments—John Dugard
  • Recognition in Municipal Law—John Dugard
  • Territory—John Dugard and Rosalind Elphick
  • Jurisdiction and International Crimes—John Dugard, Max du Plessis and Eshed Cohen
  • International Criminal Courts, the International Criminal Court, and South Africa’s Implementation of the Rome Statute—Max du Plessis and Eshed Cohen
  • Extradition—Anton Katz, Max du Plessis, Eshed Cohen and John Dugard
  • Immunity from Jurisdiction—John Dugard
  • State Responsibility, Diplomatic Protection and the Treatment of Aliens—John Dugard 
  • Responsibility of International Organisations—Arnold Pronto
  • Human Rights—John Dugard and Jackie Dugard
  • Refugees and Stateless Persons—Anton Katz and Tiyanjana Maluwa
  • Law of the Sea—John Dugard and Dire Tladi
  • Air and Space Law—John Dugard and Rosalind Elphick
  • International Environmental Law—John Dugard and Dire Tladi
  • Treaties—John Dugard
  • International Economic Relations—Max du Plessis and Kholofelo Kugler
  • International Adjudication—John Dugard and Rosalind Elphick
  • The United Nations and the Maintenance of International Peace and Security—John Dugard and Tiyanjana Maluwa
  • The Use of Force by States—Dire Tladi and John Dugard
  • Humanitarian Law—John Dugard 
  • The African Union—Max du Plessis and Tiyanjana Maluwa

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