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Diamond Law: Change, Trade and Policy in Context 1st Edition

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Author(s): Ndlovu, PF
Page count: 422
ISBN: 9780702185946
Languages(s): English,
Year Published: 2012
Categories: Mining and Mineral Law, Law, Law, Law, Academ
Type: Print

About this publication

Diamond Law provides commentary and guidance on the state of the law relating to diamonds. It is useful from both an historical and economic perspective and provides excellent reference to important case law.

This book also deals with the actual business of diamond trade, specifically looking at aspects of international commerce such as sales and all ancillary aspects of such commercial activity within the diamond trade law. Diamond Law: Principles and Policies in Perspective considers how the economic history of South Africa has affected the development of laws regulating diamond trade and also looks at constitutional aspects of the South African diamond trade.

While historical injustices and moves towards humaneness and sustainability are borne in mind, helpful emphasis is placed on the commercial legal history and economic considerations that have influenced the development of diamond law as applicable today.


  • Abbreviations
  • Definitions
  • Table of statutes & Cases
  • Further sources
  • The South African Economy and Early Diamond Law
  • Modern Diamond Mining and Trade Law
  • The Diamonds Act and Blood Diamonds
  • Diamond Sales and the Regulated Industry
  • De Beers and Humane Diamond Law
  • Conflict of Laws and the Diamond Trade
  • Documentary Credit and Diamond Sales
  • Transportation of Diamonds and Underwriting Activities
  • The Diamond Trade and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for International Sale of Goods, 1980
  • International Agency Law and the Diamond Industry
  • Insolvency and International Diamond Trade
  • Anti-Corruption Laws and Diamond Trade
  • Trade Unions, ITAC, SACU, DTI and the Diamond Industry
  • The Future of the Diamond Trade
  • Appendices
    - Appendix A: KPCS Certificate

    - Appendix B: Invoice with a System of Warranties Statement

    - Appendix C: UNGA Resolution 55/56

    - Appendix D: UNGA Resolution 56/263
     Appendix E: Mining Licence ML 3/2003
  • Index

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