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Decolonisation and Africanisation of Legal Education (2019)

Decolonisation and Africanisation of Legal Education (2019)

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Out of the 2015/16 nationwide student protest action has come the long-overdue challenge for academia to assess and reconsider critically the role academics play in maintaining and perpetuating exclusive social structures and discourse in schools and faculties in the higher education landscape in South Africa. Decolonisation and Africanisation of Legal Education in South Africa proposes possible starting points on the subject, and the roles, challenges and questions that legal academia face in the quest to decolonise and Africanise legal education in South Africa. It explores the potential role of the Constitution in decolonising and Africanising legal education. Furthermore, the book discusses important contextual factors in relation to decolonising clinical legal education.

Decolonisation and Africanisation form a much more nuanced project in the continuous process of development and reflection to be undertaken by all law academics together with their relevant institutions and students. The book ultimately highlights the importance of decolonising the law itself.

This timely and important work lays a foundation that will hopefully inspire many more publications and debates aimed at transforming our legal education.

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