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Critical Psychology

Critical Psychology

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Critical Psychology is an approach rather than a theory, an orientation towards psychological knowledge and practice, and to relations of power in general. It is an orientation that cuts across the various sub-disciplines in psychology, and is made up of diverse theoretical perspectives and forms of practice. As such, the best way to grasp critical psychology is by getting a sense of its agendas and functioning across a spread of theories and practices. This is exactly what this book offers, a broad and flexible introduction to critical psychology that explores the diverse concerns of this orientation as it applies to the socio-political contexts of post-apartheid South Africa. The book expands on the theoretical resources usually referred to in the field of critical psychology – Marxism, psychoanalysis, post-structuralism, feminism – by providing substantive discussions of Black Consciousness, post-colonialism and Africanist forms of critique. This book is also a response to the need to rethink a more politically aware and participant psychology in South Africa; it hence features focus chapters on racism, community development, HIV/Aids and participatory action forms of research.

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