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Contract Law in Zambia 2e (Print)

Contract Law in Zambia 2e (Print)

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Contract Law in Zambia covers all the relevant aspects of the law of contract in Zambia, in both statutory and common law. The book focuses on critical topics in contract law, namely offer and acceptance, consideration, the intention to create legal relations, the terms of a contract, misrepresentation, mistake, duress and undue influence, void and illegal contracts, the discharge of a contract, and remedies for breach of contract. 

New to this version is an analysis and interpretation of the growing jurisprudence on various issues in the law of contract. Whereas the authors cover the important English case law and related developments, this edition outlines and examines the increasing number of cases decided by the Zambian courts, particularly the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal which interpret English and common-law principles. 

This second edition includes the latest decisions from the apex courts in Zambia on the law of contract. The book highlights the relevance of the local context and the changes resulting from home-grown adjudication. This edition expands on the first edition to give a more comprehensive overview of the law of contract. 

Contract Law in Zambia is intended for law students, legal practitioners, members of the judiciary and corporate professionals. Those in related disciplines will also find the book to be an indispensable resource.

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