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Contempary Criminology in South Africa

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Selecting important crime issues, this title explores criminology in practice and draws links to the foundational theories of the discipline to encourage an applied understanding of contemporary South African criminology. Case studies and practical examples showcase important local research throughout and bring current criminological concerns to life. Drawing from a broad selection of eight contemporary issues in African criminology, from conservation crime to gender-based criminality, this title provides valuable insight into locally relevant challenges and crises. Each chapter includes definitions of key concepts and discussion boxes which encourage critical consideration. The founding theories relevant to each crime issue are explored, with consideration of how they work in practice. Case studies build applied understanding throughout, and allow insight into the unique aspects of each crime issue. This title supports students of 3rd and Honours years of criminology courses, approaching a future career in the discipline, as well as psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists and criminologists in practice.