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Co-operatives Act 6 of 2013 & Regulations (Juta's Pocket Statutes) (2019)

Co-operatives Act 6 of 2013 & Regulations (Juta's Pocket Statutes) (2019)

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The purpose of the Co-operatives Act 14 of 2005 is to: 

  • promote the development of sustainable co-operatives, thereby increasing the number and variety of economic enterprises operating in the formal economy; 
  • encourage persons and groups who subscribe to values of self-reliance and self-help, and who choose to work together in democratically controlled enterprises, to register co-operatives;
  • enable such co-operative enterprises to register and acquire a legal status separate from their members;
  • promote equity and greater participation in the formation of, and management of, co-operatives by persons from previously disadvantaged communities;
  • establish a legislative framework that preserves a co-operative as a distinct legal entity;
  • facilitate the provision of support programmes that target newly formed and emerging co-operatives, particularly those whose members are persons from previously disadvantaged communities, and that promote equity and greater participation by such members;
  • ensure the design and implementation of co-operative development support programmes and measures and compliance with uniform norms and standards that reflect fairness, equity, transparency, economy, efficiency, accountability and lawfulness;
  • facilitate the effective co-ordination and reporting mechanism; and 
  • promote the establishment of public private partnerships.

The Co-operatives Act 14 of 2005 & Regulations, a new title in the Juta’s Pocket Statutes series, reflects the law as at 05 July 2019.

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