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Class Action Litigation in South Africa (2017), 1st Edition

Class Action Litigation in South Africa (2017), 1st Edition

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Author(s): Du Plessis, M,Goodman, I,Kelly, L,Oxenham, J A,Pudifin-Jones, S
Page count: 300
ISBN: 9781485120261
Languages(s): English,
Year Published: 2017
Categories: Civil Procedure, Constitutional and Administr
Type: Print

About this publication

Class Action Litigation in South Africa is the first book to be published in South Africa dealing with this area of the law. The book collects, describes and interrogates the first class action judgments in South Africa, aiming to go beyond the existing and ground-breaking Supreme Court of Appeal and Constitutional Court judgments on class actions, and makes practical suggestions regarding the issues that are likely to arise for practitioners, judges and academics as they encounter class actions in South Africa.

Class Action Litigation in South Africa seeks to ensure a home-grown understanding of class actions for our country, but also offers the reader first-hand exposure to lessons learnt from international experts in class action litigation. The book thus embraces contributions from around the world that are wide-ranging, straddling the fields of law, economics, social justice and politics.

The book presents important and useful insights into class action litigation from local and international experts. The editors and the contributors have all been involved in the leading class action cases in South Africa and abroad.


  • Class action litigation in South Africa
  • The certification of class actions
  • Class actions and causes of action (private class actions)
  • Bill of Rights class actions
  • The settlement of class actions
  • Distribution of monetary damages
  • Funding and costs in class actions
  • Litigating the class action
  • Class action litigation in Australia
  • Class action litigation in Canada
  • Overview of European developments
  • Class action litigation in the United States of America
  • Class action litigation in the United Kingdom
  • Conclusion

Interest / Benefit to

  • Legal practitioners
  • Legal academics

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