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Cambridge Mental Maths Grade 4 CAPS

Cambridge Mental Maths Grade 4 CAPS

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The Cambridge Mental Maths series has been carefully developed to cover mental maths activities throughout the year and could be an excellent tool on learners’ desks to stimulate interest in this aspect of the subject.

The series sets out to develop a variety of mental strategies to help learners become confident in mathematics.

The activities in these Workbooks are designed to: encourage actual understanding and not just memorization, promote discussion amongst learners, thereby allowing them to discover the many ways in which to arrive at a correct answer, develop calculation and problem-solving strategies to empower learners to recall mathematical facts and concepts, enhance learners’ confidence, knowledge, skills and understanding. 

The activities will give teachers the opportunity to: assess learners’ existing knowledge, introduce new concepts, assess the skills that learners have developed.

The Cambridge Mental Maths series fulfils the need for easily accessible mental mathematics practice and is a useful homework book for further revision.

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