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Business Transactions Law (2017 - 9th edition)

Business Transactions Law (2017 - 9th edition)

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Author(s): Sharrock, R
Page count: 1024
ISBN: 9781485119425
Languages(s): English,
Year Published: 2017
Categories: Corporate and Commercial Law, Law, Law, Law,
Type: Print

About this publication

Business Transactions Law, now in its ninth edition, addresses fundamental questions about business transactions: When is a transaction recognised as binding at law? If a transaction is binding, what is its legal effect? Are there any circumstances in which a party is excused from carrying out his side of a transaction? What legal redress does a party have if his opposite number fails without excuse to do what he has promised in terms of the transaction? Apart from this redress, are there any other legal means available to a party to ensure that he receives what he has been promised by the other party? Finally, what is the position if a party, due to financial difficulties, is unable to carry out or complete his side of the transaction?

The objective, as with previous editions, is to meet the needs of students and others taking their first steps in the complex field of business transactions law. The aim is also to cover a significant part of the syllabus recommended by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.

New legislation and case law are included in the ninth edition. The chapters on Interpretation and Credit Agreements have been re-written and other chapters have been revised wherever necessary to reflect legislative changes or developments in the case law.

The ninth edition of Business Transactions Law has approximately 200 new case summaries.

Key Benefits

  • This book is suitable for use by law, commerce and accounting students.  The style of writing is intended to make the book more user-friendly: there are no footnotes, and case studies are included in the text.
  • The introduction covers the subject areas thoroughly, which means that the book can be used by non-law students: basic legal concepts; the judicial system; sources of law; and main divisions of the law.


  • Table of Cases 
  • Part One: Introduction 
  • Part Two: Formation of the contract 
    • Contractual capacity
    • Agreement 
    • Intention to create obligations
    • Certainty, lawfulness and possibility of performance
    • Formalities 
    • Voidable contracts 
    • Agency 
  • Part Three: Effect of the contract (general) 
    • Contents of the contract 
    • Interpretation of written contracts 
    • Co-parties 
    • Performance 
    • Miscellaneous provisions 
    • Cession, variation and consensual termination 
  • Part Four: Effect of the contract (miscellaneous contracts) 
    • Contracts relating to offers 
    • Sale 
    • Lease 
    • Loan for consumption 
    • Service contract 
    • Carriage and storage 
    • Insurance 
    • Employment 
    • Partnership
    • Cheques and the bank-customer contract 
    • Consumer agreements 
    • Credit agreements 
  • Part Five: Non-performance of the contract 
    • Excuses for non-performance 
    • Remedies for breach 
    • Arbitration
  • Part Six: Security
  • Part Seven: Insolvency
    • Sequestration and its immediate consequences
    • The collection and distribution of the estate assets 
    • Rehabilitation
  • Appendices
    • Electronic transactions 
    • An outline of certain aspects of the law of property
    • The Employment Equity Act, 1998: Affirmative Action

Interest / Benefit to

  • Students and lecturers (law, commerce and accounting)
  • Legal advisers
  • Legal practitioners
  • Financial managers
  • Libraries

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