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Blossoms of Scarlet

Blossoms of Scarlet

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"My gaze fell upon the family coat of arms on the carriage floor. It was dark purple, with snakes of the same colour winding around the edges. Unbidden, cold fear gripped me. What if this was to be the year that the Great Prophecy came true? I feared I would not be strong enough for the fight it would bring. But most of all, I was afraid to have my people suffer under my reign." The Oracle has warned that the land of Orenda will be attacked by a powerful warrior, who is yet to be born. It is the duty of the beautiful young queen, Karalina, to lead the fi ght against this evil and vanquish the threat. But will her powers as a Shape Shifter and Manipulator be enough? And can she summon the courage and wisdom she needs to make the right choice about her new suitor? Blossoms of Scarlet is an exciting love story from a new voice in teenage fiction. This fantasy is packed with action and emotion and will transport its readers on a dramatic trip into another world.

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