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Basic Accounting for Non-Accountants 2nd Ed.

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Basic accounting for non-accountants 2nd edition is an introductory text that covers both financial accounting and cost and management accounting. It is designed to equip students with a sound basic knowledge of both accounting fields. This book is ideally suited for students with little or no prior accounting background and can be used as a theoretical basis for the advancement of their lifelong learning. The book covers a wide range of topics relating to accountancy including: drawing up a basic financial statement; interpreting financial statements using ratio analysis; calculating the cost of products; preparing budgets; short-term decision making. Basic and comprehensive illustrative examples that are easy to understand have been included. This revised edition includes new topics such as labour, standard costing and time value of money. The content of the existing chapters has been updated and additional tutorial questions that will give students sufficient practice to reinforce their newly acquired knowledge have been provided.

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