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Alcohol, Drugs and Employment 2E

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Author(s): McCann, M,Harker Burnhams, N,Albertyn, C,Bhoola, U
Page count: 420
ISBN: 9780702194061
Languages(s): English,
Year Published: 2011
Categories: Corporate and Commercial Law, Employment and
Type: Print

About this publication

Alcohol, Drugs & Employment is the new edition of the popular Alcohol, Employment & Fair Labour Practice. Like its predecessor, this book is a practical guide for labour lawyers, employers, trade unions, HR managers and occupational health professionals who must grapple with the problems of substance abuse in the workplace. 

Alcohol, Drugs & Employment explains the case law on substance abuse in South Africa and also provides a useful international legal comparison. The book recommends procedures for identifying, controlling and treating substance abuse. It includes templates and procedural guidelines for pre-employment testing, employee testing and fair disciplinary action.  Alcohol, Drugs & Employment also sets out the procedure for introducing and implementing a comprehensive substance-abuse policy in the workplace.

Key Benefits

  • Presents both medical and legal perspectives on substance abuse in the workplace
  • Provides useful guidelines on lawful medical testing of job applicants and employees
  • Contains practical guidelines, protocols and policy templates 
  • Assists employers and trade unions to introduce and implement workplace policies on substance abuse
  • Contains a useful international perspective by way of comparison with Canadian workplace law


  • A framework for analysing alcohol problems in the workplace

  • The extent of the problem – alcohol

  • Drugs and drug abuse – an introduction

  • Extent of the problem – drugs

  • Causes of the problem – psychosocial, environmental and cultural

  • The risk assessment approach: managing alcohol and drug misuse within the organisation

  • The effects of alcohol on the individual

  • The effects of drugs 

  • Objective ways of identifying trends of substance abuse problems in the workplace

  • Legal obligations of employees, employers and trade unions

  • Testing – identifying alcohol and drug problems and intoxication in the individual employee

  • Legal aspects of pre-employment screening

  • Legal aspects of testing employees

  • Fair discipline

  • The role of the occupational health professional

  • Treatment – the employee patient

  • Treatment of the organisation

  • Treatment – employee assistance programmes

  • The workplace as a setting for substance abuse prevention initiatives

  • Introducing new alcohol and drug procedures and rules

  • Proposed substance abuse policy and procedural agreement

  • Appendixes
    - Protocol for breathalyser testing
    - Protocol for blood testing
    - Questionnaires used to screen for alcohol and drug misuse
    - Protocol for urine testing
    - Units and formulae
    - Example of a letter to non-unionised employees regarding the introduction of an updated alcohol and drugs policy
    - Glossary of medical terms
    - Strategy for managing alcohol and drug problems
    - Verification of alcohol intoxication form
    - Verification of drug intoxication form
    - Alternative alcohol and drug policy
    - Table of symptoms and signs of alcohol and drug problems

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