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Global Administrative Law: Innovation and Development

Global Administrative Law: Innovation and Development

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This volume brings together papers given at a workshop held in Cape Town in March 2008 – a joint venture between the New York University Law School and the Faculty of Law at the University of Cape Town. The papers critically explore the concept of Global Administrative Law in theory and its relevance to developing countries, the efficacy of regulatory regimes focused on international trade and finance, and recent developments in the crucially important area of intellectual property law.

Contents Include:

Opening Address - Trevor Manuel

Definitional issues in global administrative law

  • Accountability and the concept of (global) administrative law - David Dyzenhaus

  • The role and limits of global administrative law in the Security Council's anti-terrorism programme - C H Powell

  • Globalisation, national democratic institutions and the impact of global regulatory governance on developing countries - Dennis Davis and Hugh Corder

  • Weighing global regulatory rules and decisions in national courts - Benedict Kingsbury

Commercial aspects of global administrative law

  • Social policy choices and the international and national law of government procurement: South Africa as a case study - Christopher McCrudden

  • 'Financing development' as a field of practice, study and innovation - Kevin E Davis

  • Competition law and globalisation - Dennis Davis

  • Costing, comparing and competing: the World Bank's Doing Business survey and the bench-marking of labour regulation - Paul Benjamin and Jan Theron

Intellectual property and GMO issues

  • Fostering dynamic innovation, development and trade: intellectual property as a case study in global administrative law - Rochelle Cooper Dreyfuss

  • A global administrative law approach to accommodating user innovation in the international intellectual property regime - Katherine J Strandburg

  • GMO trade regulation and developing countries - Richard B Stewart

  • Global administrative law in action - Jan Glazewski and Olivia Rumble

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