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A Handy Horse

A Handy Horse

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Easy-to-access prompts focus teacher–learner discussions to maximise teaching opportunities. The lessons address all three curriculum strands of language, literacy and literature. They give specific focus to active learner interaction. Learners are expected to think and talk about what and how they read.
Learners are specifically taught processing skills, such as word recognition and sound and letter knowledge. They also explicitly discuss and use comprehension strategies right from the beginning. As they develop their reading skills, links between reading and writing are made more precise.
Learners learn to read text, comprehend it, and learn from what they read.

Contents Include:

Scaffolded imaginitive texts for beginner readers. Key Links' fiction and non-fiction titles engage beginner readers in carefully crafted texts. They provide rich opportunities for developing early understandings of language, literacy and literature concepts, skills and strategies.

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