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A Concepts Based introduction to Financial Accounting 6e

A Concepts Based introduction to Financial Accounting 6e

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Accounting literature refers to the procedural and conceptual approaches in the teaching of an introductory accounting course. This book integrates these two approaches by teaching students to understand the why, before considering the how of accounting. The pedagogical philosophy used is referred to as the ‘concepts model’, hence the title. This impacts on both the order of teaching of the topics, as well as how various topics are taught. The impact of the concepts-based approach is particularly evident in the chapters relating to the accounting process where students gain a complete conceptual understanding of the underlying transactions before applying the accounting equation and then only processing the transactions through bookkeeping entries. Students are able to acquire a conceptual understanding of each topic before considering the procedural aspects.

The sixth edition of A Concepts-based Introduction to Financial Accounting is up to date with the requirements of the 2018 Conceptual Framework as well as the current requirements of International Financial Reporting Standards.

It incorporates all of the successful pedagogical features of earlier editions such as learning path tools at the beginning of each chapter, the highlighting of key definitions in the text, the integration of pause-and-reflect scenarios throughout the text as well as and extracts from published financial statements within each chapter that relate to the chapter content.

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