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Physical Science Gr 12 Book 2 Part 2

Physical Science Gr 12 Book 2 Part 2

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Our bestselling textbooks for this subject cover grades 10, 11 and 12 and they are designed in such a way that students will receive a proper understanding of the subject they are tackling. Physical science doesn’t have to be the daunting subject that so many students often feel it is. With these textbooks, students will enjoy the theory alongside a workbook, which will allow them to put what they have learned into theoretical practice. The combination approach means students will be in a better position to understand what they are learning.

In order to ensure that the students are not overwhelmed by the work presented to them, these textbooks are split into 2 parts so students will be presented with book 1 and book 2 during their school year. The books follow the current South African curriculum and have become one of the best study guides for learners of all abilities.

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