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Peachz Cellular Charger Cable

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THE WORLD'S FASTEST CHARGING The 240W USB C to USB C cable 10 ft newest charging technology for 2022, is the fastest in the entire world by far. Within the next 5 to 10 years, this USBC to USB C fast charging cable can completely meet the demands of fast charging.
-TIME-SAVING CABLE -240W type C to type C cable can charge your device at the fastest speed. It can fully charge a Switch 90%, a Samsung S20 96%, a MacBook Pro 86% and an iPad Pro 89% in 35 minutes.No more idling while a battery charges slowly. NOTE: Please be aware that a C port adapter with the appropriate power is required.
FIT for ALL C PORT DEVICES All high-power to low-power (240/200/170/140/100/60/18W) devices(such as Samsung S20/21/22, iPad Pro/Air/Mini, Macbook Pro) are totally compatible with PEACHZ 240W C to C type fast charging cable. And it's data transfer speeds up to 480Mbps (1200 songs synced per minute). It's just USB 2.0, not USB 3.0/4K
UPGRADED EXCLUSIVE RIGHT ANGLE DESIGN This right angle type c iPad Pro and Macbook Pro charger cable and cord fast charging with an innovative 90 degrees """"""""L"""""""" design. It's user-friendly design more convenient and comfortable for playing games, watching videos, reading e-books when you charging. NOTE: The thickness of the compatible mobile phone case charging port is 5.5mm

-EMARK SAFE FAST CHARGING CHIP-The all-new EMARK2.0 chip can maximize device safety while also allowing for quick charging. It can guarantee a lower charging temperature to guard against harm to the device and will automatically stop charging once the device is fully charged to guard against overcharging harming device's battery.
-SUPER DURABLE -Reinforced 90 degree 10ft USB C cable with special SR joint, Lasts 30x longer than ordinary cables-proven in a laboratory environment to withstand 40000 bends. It built-in laser welding technology, which ensure the metal part won't break. One of the toughest cables ever created, with tensile strength capable of withstanding 175 lbs.

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