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Unomsa (abridged) (isiXhosa novel) (Xhosa) - Elex Academic Bookstore

Unomsa (abridged) (isiXhosa novel) (Xhosa)

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The series, Xhosa for Beginners, is designed to bring the growing field of Xhosa literature within the reach of non-Xhosa-speakers, in the form of abridged and annotated versions of some of the more successful Xhosa literary works. The resulting books contain word explanations on each page, simplification of certain stylistic and grammatical phrasing, a generally reduced text, and certain general explanations at the end of the book. Obviously not all Xhosa literature is of the same standard and this series traces its development through carefully selected works. The fifth title in this series is UNomsa, Sinxo's first novel.

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