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The Constitutional Law Casebook

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The Constitutional Law Casebook consists of approximately fifty case extracts from significant judgments handed down by South African courts.  The majority of the cases discussed are decisions of the Constitutional Court, although some extracts are from significant decisions of the Supreme Court of Appeal. The enclosed CD contains the full text of the judgments.

The cases are considered under separate themes, for example, separation of powers, equality, property etc. The extract selected from each case traces the development of the principles applicable to each particular category.

An introductory question on the legal issues introduces each case discussion. This is followed by a brief description of the factual background and the legal history of the case.  The key legal issues to be determined by the Court are then identified. An extract of the relevant paragraphs of the decision itself follows, tracing the Court’s ratio decidendi in answering the introductory question. The order is quoted as well, where it provides a useful confirmation of the ratio decidendi.

Three to five questions for students follow each case extract. These are intended to spark debate around the issues raised in the judgment, to test comprehension of the decision and to encourage a deeper reflection on these issues. The questions may be used to initiate class discussions, or as essay topics for students.