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South Africa — Limits to Change The Political Economy of Transition

South Africa — Limits to Change The Political Economy of Transition

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The unrealised expectations of the majority of South Africans are impacting upon the enormous ground swell of hope that was generated by this country’s transition to democracy. In this extensively updated and expanded edition of South Africa – Limits to Change Hein Marais provides an analysis of why the ANC government has adopted, and firmly pursued, conservative economic policies, despite their poor performance. In doing so, he draws on and develops the rich structural and political understandings of radical South African intellectuals. South Africa – Limits to Change examines the reasons for poor economic performance and outlines an alternative economic path. In a penetrating analysis of the balance of forces, Marais examines the many, and often overlooked, ingredients of the ANC government’s power, as well as the frailties and unexploited strengths of the country’s popular movement. By critically surveying the history of resistance, the strategies adopted by the apartheid state and its allies, and by casting new light on post-1994 developments, including the Truth and Reconciliation Commission experiment, this book provides a benchmark critical analysis of South Africa’s journey beyond apartheid.

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