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The Solutions for all programmes have been developed to support the content (knowledge, concepts and skills) contained in the National Curriculum Statement (NCS), as organised in the new Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS). The Solutions for all programmes have been organised to support teaching and learning in the classroom by presenting the material to be taught and practised in the classroom in 30–60 minute lessons.

How does the Learner’s Book assist learning and teaching?

  • The book is full colour
  • The attractive opener page helps to introduce learners to the topic in a learner friendly manner
  • Prior knowledge is first summarised in a section called ‘What do I know already’ so that learners will feel comfortable with the new material presented in the rest of the topic
  • The prior knowledge is followed by a ‘Check yourself’ activity – baseline assessment
  • Geographical skills and techniques are integrated with the content topics, as required by CAPS but there is also a theoretical topic (1) to help with building a foundation before these skills are applied and practised in the other topics in the book
  • Topic 1 includes a comprehensive and clear unit on GIS
  • There are classroom and homework activities that cover a range of skills and content
  • Extra practice activities at the end of each section of work offer remedial and extension questions
  • There is a variety of visual sources that assist with both content and skills understanding, e.g. maps, photos, diagrams, graphs, statistics, as well as interesting articles and case studies
  • There are possible Formal Assessment Tasks, aligned with CAPS

How does the Teacher’s Guide assist learning and teaching?

  • It includes an Annual Teaching Plan.
  • Topic 1 on Geographical Skills and Techniques offers lots of additional and rich material which will empower the teacher – this includes a unit on GIS.
  • Every topic includes background information for the teacher and guidelines on how to teach the activity.
  • All answers to questions are supplied.

How does this course deal with assessment?

  • There are tables in the Teacher’s Guide that indicate the cognitive levels covered by activity questions.
  • The Teacher’s Guide include sample tests and exam papers that may be photocopied, and memoranda.

The course offers possible Formal Assessment Tasks, including assessment tools for these.

The DBE had this to say about the course in their evaluation of it: “There is a variety of valuable information and teaching methodologies and strategies for teachers. The unpacking of the four big ideas in relation to content is commendable.”