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Role of Standards in Labour & Social Security Law

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The Role of Standards in Labour & Social Security Law examines international standards, their interrelationship, and their interaction with national labour law, social security systems and regional regimes. The book approaches this vast subject from a number of different thematic and geographic perspectives, and focuses on specific areas that exemplify the key issues under discussion.

The Role of Standards in Labour & Social Security Law reflects on the relevance and limitations of international standards and also highlights the importance of a human rights approach and the role of private actors in the protection of labour- and social security rights.

The editors and authors of this compilation are internationally renowned experts in the field, and represent a variety of regions and perspectives. In particular, the book represents important voices and perspectives from the developing world, notably the African continent.

“The overall subject is most salient, and while assembling a multitude of different individual topics and perspectives, the book still offers a very coherent framework. The individual contributions ... offer informative accounts of recent developments, others inspiring reflections on long-term debates. The book is likely to become a valuable resource, both for experts in the field and for those seeking an "international standards-related” perspective on the many individual social policy aspects addressed.”
Prof. Alexander Graser - Lehrstuhl für Öffentliches Recht und Politik,
Universität Regensburg

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