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Names and niches: Teacher's guide

Names and niches: Teacher's guide

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The Flixies teach us one of their most important secrets: variety. And so we learn what the word biodiversity means, and why it is so important that we understand it. Facto learns that there is an exceptional number of different types of animals and plants on Earth, and that each one that is discovered must be named. Grandma Flox surprises the Flixies with a very special piece of embroidery…


The Teacher’s Guide includes:

  • An explanation of the teaching strategy used
  • An explanation of which comprehension strategy is used and which step of the teaching strategy should be applied in that specific book.
  • Highlights in the text, with a side-panel modelling the teaching strategy and highlighting key points in the text for application.
  • Key words are provided to display and use in the introductory discussion.
  • Worksheets with comprehension activities based on the story are added to the end of the guide

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