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Management Principles 5th Edition

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Support material available online. Log onto book is written specifically for those who need to manage people effectively for BusinessSuccess. It is designed to provide practical insight into the management of the HumanResources of an organisation. It is an indispensable book for those holding managementpositions in organisations and for all learners seeking insight into the most important aspectsof human resources management.

The third edition has been completely restructured to provide not only in-depth and practicalinsight into human resource management (HRM) but also a focus on outcomes designed tohelp readers develop their ability to practice HRM. To support this focus, chapter content isaligned to the outcomes and each chapter has a Practising HRM section with tasks designedto assist readers to put the content into practice and meet the chapter outcomes. Althoughthere is a comprehensive theoretical basis, the emphasis is on the practical implications of thetheory. Example documents are included, such as an employment contract and other relevantHRM information management documents and policies, which can be accessed in the bookand on a specially designed website.

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