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Macroeconomics Global and Southern African Perspectives

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This book presents a unified andglobal view of macroeconomics, enabling students to see theconnections between the short-run,medium-run, and long-run.
The bookis organised in a flexible manneraround two central parts: A core anda set of three major extensions:
  • The core provides students with aunified view of macroeconomics.
  • The extensions offers increaseddepth on the subject matter.Current macroeconomic events areintegrated into each chapter of thebook within the text and detailedboxes.
    Each box shows students howthey can use what theyve learned toget an understanding of economics inthe real-world. It offers an underlyingmodel that draws the implications ofequilibrium in three sets of markets:the goods market, the financialmarkets a nd the labour markeFeatures Two chapters, "The Crisis" and "Monetary Policy" provide updatedinformation. Focus boxes convey the life ofmacroeconomics today and reinforcethe lessons from the models, makingthem more concrete and easier to grasp.
    South African data, examplesand terminology are meaningfully integrated throughout the text.
    The chapter on exchange ratesprovides an accessible treatment of the topic, reinforcing an understanding of the concepts with South Africa in mind. Content on inflation, activity and nominal money growth from the 5th edition has been integrated intochapter 8.

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