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Legalease Elements Criminal Law Workbook

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The Criminal Law Workbook is a useful tool for students of criminal law. It contains examples of typical questions students may find in examinations or tests as well as model answers to such questions. These questions and answers relate to both the general principles of criminal law and specific crimes. Special attention is given to problem-type questions in which a set of facts is given from which the student must work out whether one of the persons involved has committed a crime and can rely on a specific defence.

Titles in the LegalEase series make the law easier to understand without losing the context in which it operates. Legal Elements books are practical workbooks or reference tools to support students in the study of the law. These books offer a quick and easy entry into the world of law, providing clear and reliable explanations of all major concepts in law. Titles in the Elements series can be used with prescribed handbooks and sourcebooks, and can serve as study enhancements when students prepare for tests and examinations.