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Human Rights under the Malawian Constitution

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In 1994, Malawi adopted an unusually progressive Constitution, unprecedented in the country’s political and constitutional history. Human Rights under the Malawian Constitution takes stock of the human rights jurisprudence generated by the new Constitution and the new judiciary in Malawi over the past sixteen years.

The book examines the largely unreported Malawian cases and legislation and systematically analyses them with a view to constructing a coherent corpus of human rights jurisprudence, which is essential to consolidating democracy, establishing the foundation for the rule of law and ushering in an era of accelerated development in Malawi.

The author draws on a wealth of international and comparative jurisprudence, including that from other African countries, without detracting from the main objective of constructing a Malawian brand of jurisprudence. Ultimately the book reveals that it is possible for human rights to grow even in underdeveloped countries.