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Green II highlights the challenges facing corporates, leaders and businessmen - and in particular chartered accountants - in embracing sustainability.

The first version of Green was published in 2009. The objective was to raise the awareness levels of businessmen and especially chartered accountants about the sustainability challenges facing humankind and the impact they would have on business. In Green II SAICA has brought together contributors and experts from various fields and backgrounds who have all joined in on the call to corporate leaders to embrace sustainability. Since so much has changed since the first edition - new and emerging technologies, trends and developments - it was imperative to relook at the challenges facing businesses today, and to take stock of what has indeed been addressed, and what still needs to be tackled in the future.

Sustainability as a business imperative is the focus of this edition, with the inter-related issues of business performance and financial and integrated reporting being discussed against the backdrop of King III. The book takes a hard look at what companies are doing, how to embed sound sustainability practices into organisations, and how to develop responsible leaders who can take this imperative into the future.

For all the above reasons, Green II is timeous because corporate leaders need to embed sustainability into long term strategy in order to sustain value creation in our changed world. Those corporate leaders who do not so apply their minds will be failing in their duty of care to the incapacitated company which is dependent on them, heart, mind and soul.

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