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From Boys to Men

From Boys to Men

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The current emphasis in research and education on women and girls is fraught with problems. It has raised a concern that boys and men should be included in research and intervention work on gender equality and transformation. As a result, academics with a background of many years of work in women’s and gender studies undertook a research project focusing on the construction of masculinities among young men. From Boys to Men was born out of this project. Acknowledging that there are multiple versions of masculinity and that some are more valued than others, this book is concerned with documenting both hegemonic discourses on masculinity as well as resistances and challenges to dominant forms of being a boy or man in different contexts of space and time.  

This highly original work comprises a collection of papers presented at the conference From Boys to Men, held in January 2005. It represents the work of some of the best-known theorists and researchers in masculinities and feminism in South Africa, on the continent and internationally. The subjects covered are based on rich ethnographic studies mostly in South Africa but also elsewhere in Africa.

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